Pool Tables from Pioneer Vending

At Pioneer Vending, we use Valley coin-operated pool tables as our choice of pool tables. Valley’s quality, reliability and durability gives the customers the much-needed return on investment around which they can build their business, while Valley’s playability makes the table “The Players Choice”.


Our Pool Leagues are a great way to keep customers loyal and helps promote the taverns involved.  Leagues are typically run during slow bar nights to help generate new business on typically slow nights.  With coordinators located in Michigan, Northern Ohio and Southern Ohio, we strive to offer the best possible league experience for your pool players.

We are a registered Valley Pool League operator which allows our players to be eligible to play in state tournaments as well as the national tournament in Las Vegas, Nevada.


  • The actual size of the 7 foot table is 52.5 inches wide by 93 inches long.
  • The actual size of the 8 foot table is 57 inches wide by 101 inches long.

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