Last week we finalized the details on the purchase of Midwest Amusement Company. The acquisition of Midwest Amusement Company will further our operations in Southern Michigan, to becoming one of the largest providers of amusement equipment in the region.

Based in Jackson, Michigan, Midwest Amusement Company operated locations across the southern portion of the state and parts of Northern Ohio.

The acquisition of Midwest Amusement Company was an ideal fit into our long-term growth strategy, and opens up many new growth possibilities in Southern and Central Michigan,” said Luke Adams, General Manager of Pioneer Vending.

With the purchase, vital members of Midwest Amusement Company will be joining the Pioneer Vending family. These key staff members will help us provide outstanding service to our current and new customers. Additionally, they will also position us for further expansion into the market.

With the acquisition of Midwest Amusement Company, Pioneer Vending has achieved the following milestones:

  • Pioneer Vending is now the largest provider of amusement vending equipment in the Midwest providing service to over 1,000 locations.
  • Pioneer Vending’s territory now extends from Elizabethtown, Kentucky to Lansing, Michigan along the I-75 corridor.
  • Pioneer Vending operates more TouchTunes jukeboxes than any other operator in the United States.

Read the official press release of the Midwest Amusement Company purchase in its entirety.