On July 2, 2015, the National Dart Association approved the use of 20-gram darts in all NDA regional, junior and international sanctioned tournaments. Previously, darters were only allowed to use 18-gram darts and below. During the most recent annual AMOA-National Dart Association meeting, members of the board agreed to the new standard.

Pioneer Vending will follow the organization’s lead and implement the change in all of our leagues. From here on out, unless otherwise instructed, we will allow darters to use darts up to 20-grams.

For questions regarding the change in the Pioneer leagues please contact Juan Valle at (513) 383-0929 or by email at jvalle@pioneervending.com. If you have questions about NDA sanctioned events please contact Kim Paugh, Associate Executive Director at 800.808.9884 or email kim@NDAdarts.com.