• Terri, Bill, and Luke

Welcome To Pioneer Vending

Founded in 1909 by current owner Bill Westerhaus’ grandfather Joseph George Westerhaus, Pioneer Vending was originally known as the Westerhaus Amusement Company. In 1934, management of the company was passed on to his son Joseph Westerhaus II. The company has continued to flourish and grow, ever since.

Over the years, Pioneer Vending has continued to grow to become the leading vending machine provider in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky. This growth and success has been made possible through a number of mergers and acquisitions.

In 1989, following the death of Joseph George Westerhaus II, company ownership passed to his children; Joe Westerhaus Jr., Nancy Baxter and Bill Westerhaus. Again in 1997 and 1998, ownership of the company changed, when Bill Westerhaus purchased Joe and Nancy’s shares.  In 2007, Bill’s stepson Luke Adams joined the company full time.  Luke currently oversees management and works closely with Bill at the main office in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Today, Pioneer Vending is the leading expert and largest coin-operated vending equipment supplier servicing southern Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky. Our reputation is built on providing excellent service and equipment to our customers. We take pride in offering our customers the best equipment designed to suit their needs. As the company continues to grow, we have not forgotten that it is our service that makes the difference.

We offer comprehensive repair, maintenance and service packages to keep your equipment in top condition. We service what we sell, and we take pride in selling the best. We have researched our industry thoroughly to find out what your customers want, expect and enjoy the most in the spirit of friendly competition.

Who Is Pioneer Vending

Since 1909, Pioneer Vending has provided quality sales, service and installation to business owners throughout the Greater Cincinnati and surrounding areas.
Our reputation at Pioneer Vending is built on service; that’s the difference you will find with us.
Pioneer Vending has a solution for all of your entertainment and vending machine needs. That’s why we are the largest coin-operated operator in Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio.

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